Once the board has completed all the policy development steps and has launched its venture, the fun—and sometimes challenging—work begins. Both the board and the CEO and senior staff will be doing work they have never done before, and they will be doing familiar work in very different, highly accountable ways. This is a new system.

We have found that in order to maintain the initial momentum, boards and staff benefit from at least one year’s continuing support and coaching from us.

This is what we offer, and highly recommend:

Extended Implementation Support and Coaching: This phase includes a full year’s continuing coaching and support during this critical phase of a board’s beginning the practice of its new model. During this year, we typically return to the site four or more times, usually at least once each quarter, to provide continuing coaching and to offer corrective advice and counsel.

More or fewer on-site coaching sessions may be chosen depending upon the board’s specific needs. We will attend and critique board meetings, conduct leadership retreats, provide specific training to staff, conduct a Coherent Governance overview for staff or community.

Our third-party coaching assists in:

  • Constructing and using highly focused and board-owned agendas establishing a culture of board excellence;
  • Feedback on board meeting conduct and behaviors;
  • Help for both board and staff in properly preparing and disposing of monitoring reports;
  • Board self-assessment and an action plan for improvement;
  • Conducting the CEO evaluation specific to OE and Results standards;
  • Resolving issues and mis-starts as they occur using policy;
  • Conducting and using effective linkages to inform your public and yourselves.

We literally provide whatever degree and type of off-site support the board and senior staff needs in order to get the system established solidly. We are committed partners to your success.

Beyond the Year

Just as staff requires training, boards need on-going professional development in good governance to sustain their efforts. With both board and key staff turnover, new people and new circumstances warrant new training and coaching. We are committed to your on-going success. Many of our clients extend their “coaching” contracts on an annual basis.

Wisdom Sharing

We believe in the power of learning from one another. Annually, we host a “Wisdom Sharing” conference for all of our clients. This is a program based on client-identified topics and needs. It takes place in a venue conducive to relaxed, open and honest dialogue and learning.

Some testimonials:

Board members Review the Wisdom Sharing 2014

Thank you so much for inviting us all to the “Wisdom Sharing” Conference! It was exactly that for me and I believe, my colleagues! I believe we all got a great deal of wisdom and new understanding of how we are to function as a board! I hope I am correct in my assumption and observations!

I really liked the open-honest discussions amongst all of the attendees – a variety of perspectives and guidance.

Doriena Longmire, board member, Harrison SD 2 in Colorado Springs

I like the case studies – very helpful!

Joyce Leigh, board member, Harrison SD2 in Colorado Springs

The conversation regarding how to implement the model at a practical level was very helpful to me.

Lynn Ferguson, trustee, Calgary Public Schools

District Administrators Provide Feedback on Wisdom Sharing 2014

Having the ability to network with others in like roles – sharing our wisdom and questions.

Rosalie Daca, Chief Academic Officer, Racine Unified in WI

The three days were most helpful in our learning to work with and in support of our Board of Trustees. You provided us with much to think about in terms of what makes for a high functioning effective Board and how we, as administration, can work in a manner that aligns and supports this desired outcome. We have some good exemplars from the documents shared by others and met folks working in a similar manner who wish to remain connected. Thank you for the learning.

We liked the dual perspective of hearing from senior administration and Board members at the same time. Seeing real templates and sample reports from school districts using Coherent Governance.

Nancy Peterson and Sonia Boctor, Edmonton Public Schools

I liked the time spent allowing the participants to learn from one another.

Eric N. Gallien, chief of staff, Racine Unified in WI

I greatly appreciated the job-a-like groups. Make sure that you keep this practice and keep the case studies … great approach!

Dr. André Spencer, CEO of Harrison SD2 in Colorado Springs

It being participant driven and a more open format. I felt like I was able to engage and interact rather than just get fed information.

Alicia Severson, executive assistant, West Fargo Public Schools in North Dakota

Building the Team

Whether the board has adopted a new governing system or not, sometimes things just aren’t working as they should. The board needs expert outside coaching and consultation to help analyze the issues and set the course toward something better.

Although more than 90 percent of our work is centered on Coherent Governance®, we continue to support boards that operate in a more traditional fashion. We offer custom governance training based on specific circumstances and issues.

We have a number of tools available to help get the job done, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, various communication training methods, and conflict management techniques.

Although none of these shorter-range strategies will help a board and its CEO to the extent a full governing model will, they remain in our service menu specifically for boards that have not yet made the commitment for a full governance project.