Holding Successful Board Meetings

Eight Quick Tips to Increase Effective Meetings

Board meetings reveal a lot about the ability of the board to lead. From physical set-up, agendas, and behaviors to staying focused on Results. Here is a quick checklist to consider – with more to come!

  1. Identify behavioral expectations for members and hold each other accountable.
  2. Configure the room so members can make eye contact and communicate effectively with each other.
  3. Use Parliamentary Procedure to stay focused and give clear direction.
  4. Tie each agenda item to a governing policy or sub-policy, otherwise, does it belong there? Is it board work?
  5. Shoot for 50% of your time focused on Results – don’t devolve into an operational focus.
  6. Treat staff and any public with respect – practice active listening (consider professional development on communications).
  7. Limit presentations to 15 minutes and tie to one of your Results.
  8. Debrief every meeting for process improvement “Evaluate what’s happened; Apply what’s been learned.”