Searching for a CEO who cares about Governance.

8 tips to increase a successful hire.

We’ve worked with boards who have done a great job securing a CEO who can work with them and their governance values.  We’ve known others who think they hired the right choice, only to have the CEO refuse to work with them in good governance.  YIKES!  Who wants to start that process over?  But at what cost do you limp along with a recalcitrant CEO?  At what cost to your governance environment and fidelity?

Think about these tips to making the right choice.  And, let us know if we can link you to boards in the process now – or those who’ve been through hiring a new CEO into their governance structure.

  1. Make certain your search consultant knows what CG is and how your board works. Ask potential consultants to respond to specific questions to guarantee their understanding.
  2. Advertise for a CEO who understands and will work with the board in its way of doing business. Racine Unified in WI as well as Harrison SD 2 in Colorado Springs did a great job advertising a clear priority expectation that the CEO will be “expected to operate, maintain and strengthen the Board’s work in Coherent Governance®.”
  3. Ask applicants to respond to specific written questions about CG to reveal their understanding and acceptance of this governing system.
  4. Send copies of your governing policies and a sample agenda to candidates for review prior to interviews.  Consider sending them our book, “Good Governance is a Choice.”
  5. In the interviews, ask probing questions to assure understanding and acceptance of the board’s role, governing policies, and comfort with the delegation of authority accompanied by rigorous monitoring.
  6. Be sure candidates understand that the board and CEO each has a distinct role to play – and to support each other’s work.
  7. Establish a retreat date for board and CEO, before the new CEO begins work, to build the team, review each policy and its meaning, and review sample monitoring reports together.
  8. Consider in-depth and personalized training for the new CEO ASAP, on this non-negotiable governance operating system.