• I went for a walk on the beach this morning and was thinking about the Wisdom Sharing conference and some of our conversations.  

    An analogy popped into my head that was slightly less flattering than the funeral director one: the school caretaker. No matter what happens, how many times things get cleaned up, there is always a mess somewhere in the school that’s being made. It’s a Sisyphean task. 

    It has to be like that for you as well. You could spend years at a district supporting their transition to a better governance model, only to have all of that work undone in a single day by an election or having the Superintendent leave for a better job or just to retire and somehow through some poor decisions the board ends up back at square one. 

    With that said, I do want to say that when my son’s report card comes home, I see your fingerprints all over it. The work you’ve done has affected our district from the Board of Trustees right into every classroom, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. I saw this weekend that it’s the same for a lot of boards and that’s really great.

    Millions of students are going to be better off because of the work you do and keep doing. So, thank you for that.

    Michael Bradshaw
    Calgary Canada Board of Education (enrollment of 125,809 students)
  • Again, Randy and Linda get it right. I have long believed that governance is the key to school improvement. Period. Not lack of funding, teacher unions, government regulations, lack of technology, poor administrative leadership—governance!

    Good, coherent, governance can overcome these and other obstacles preventing America’s children from getting the education they deserve and the nation so desperately needs. Yet, too few want to address the governance issue.

    School board associations are afraid that if they take it on, boards will simply drop their memberships. Too many board members focus on adult versus student issues in an attempt to curry the favor needed to run for a higher political office. And, too many superintendents are just trying to get from one side of the road to the other without getting run over.

    An old Southern minister once told me that ‘some folks rather rule in hell that serve in heaven.’ Randy and Linda have developed a clear, coherent, roadmap for those who really want to change their ‘sinful’ ways!

    Dr. Terry Grier
    Former Superintendent
    San Diego, CA and Houston, TX
  • Coherent Governance provides clarity of outcomes, roles, systems, and processes to support boards and administrators working together effectively.

    Heidi Eliopoulos
    Chippewa Falls, WI
  • I want share how much I appreciate your guidance, your extreme patience and your incredible insight. I know you’re hired to advise us as consultants but your genuine and again patient commitment to us is truly evident and I thank you! We will preserve and I feel we have a more united front than we have had in some time. Looking forward to the greatness that is to come.

    Steve Siebert
    Harrison School District 2, Colorado Springs, CO
  • I said this … but without CG, it is too easy to focus on the wrong things.  CG keeps the attention on the learners.

    Beth Slette
    West Fargo, ND
  • It’s always such a pleasure to see you and Randy. You were change agents for us. Your work is so valuable. Thank you for you what you do and for understanding the human condition especially as relates to Board work!

    Vicki Carter
    Spokane County Conservation District, WA
  • You help us make the magic happen!

    Madonna Gerrell
    Board Member
    Palm Springs, CA
  • You guys are gems.  And did a great job with a tough group.  I am glad you were able to work with us and look forward to staying in touch.

    Scott Preble
    Board Member
    AllHealth Network, Denver, CO
  • I have never lost my love of Coherent (Policy) Governance® and saw first-hand what a positive difference it makes for a district and its Board of Education. The two of you had a major impact on my professional career as a 22-year school superintendent. You both remain role models for me.

    Robert W. Christmann
    Executive Director
    Western New York Educational Service Council
  • You and Randy did a fine job helping us along our path to being an effective Board. You two are ever patient and wise. Because you are educators at base and your clients are boards, you understand our challenges. You are also consummate teachers knowing when to push, when to rephrase and when to pull back. You are guides with a goal and a road map. My “cats” have made progress. But this type of work is rarely a straight-line forward. A group of people chosen by a public election to do serious and critical work for the common good will always be challenged by both the work and the group dynamic. – At least I think we function better than the Congress.

    Jane Strauss
    School Board Member
    Fairfax County, VA
  • Efficiency.  Fairness.  Accountability.

    Jane B. Barbian
    Racine Unified SD, WI