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Self Assessment

Get started on governing the right way.

    Please rate your board’s performance in the following areas, using a 10-point scale, with 10 being high:
    1. Members of my board clearly understand that they are “one of,” rather than “the board.”  
    2. My board clearly understands its role and avoids confusing it with the superintendent’s/CEO’s role.  
    3. My board routinely assesses its own performance against pre-determined governing standards.  
    4. My board follows a carefully planned annual work plan, which drives most of its regular agenda topics.  
    5. My board controls its own meeting agendas.  
    6. My board routinely evaluates the effectiveness of every operational function each year.  
    7. When my board meets, it spends most of its time focused on Results for students/clients rather than on operational “stuff.”  
    8. Both the board and the superintendent/CEO have very clear understanding of which is responsible for what.  
    9. Both board and executive leadership in my organization faithfully follow the principle, “the one who makes a decision is accountable for the result.”  
    10. My board routinely and proactively engages with its “owners” (community, membership or other appointing or electing entity).  
    If you scored your board’s performance between 90-100, congratulate every member and offer them a glass of good wine.
    If you scored your board’s performance between 70-89, there is work to be done. Point that out to your colleagues, and offer them a beer as an incentive to improve their performance.
    If you scored your board’s performance below 70, it’s time for intervention. No libations, just hard work ahead.

    Questions?  Linda J. Dawson at 303.478.0125; John Steach at 425.947.5242