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Coherent Governance Implementation Protocol


Introduction to Coherent Governance®

Session Length: Variable, from 3 hours to 1 day

Before a board can make a decision to reinvent itself, it must understand what the future could look like and how the board and the organization can be transformed. Our agenda for the day includes:

  • An in-depth discussion of the principles and framework of Coherent Governance®.
  • A detailed examination of Coherent Governance® implementation practices.
  • Exemplars of Coherent Governance® working documents.

Getting Started:  The Heavy Lift

Session Length:  2 days

Once the board has made a commitment to adopt Coherent Governance®, we get to work.  Our agenda is:

  • A brief review of the Coherent Governance® model
  • Discussion of difference between board policies and administrative regulations.
  • Clarification of the board’s values while drafting policies in the three infrastructure quadrants to establish board role and work, clarity of roles and relationship with the CEO/superintendent, and definition of expectations for all operations.

Developing Results by Defining Aspirations

Session Length:  1 day

This session is centered on developing Results policies – getting to the heart of what matters most.  Our agenda for the day includes:

  • Drafting Results policies – the fourth quadrant in the model.  There is no template for these policies as they are unique to each organization, reflecting the benefits provided to the clients it serves.

Making It Work

Session Length: 2 days

The final session is devoted to implementation training for both the board and senior administrative staff.  Our agenda includes:

  • Development of an annual work plan to include all board activities and to schedule Results discussions, board development, and monitoring of all policies.
  • Review and refine the board’s meeting agenda to be focused on Results.
  • Design the process for the CEO/Superintendent evaluation and Board self-assessment consistent with adopted policies.
  • Engagement training for stakeholder interface.

Greatest implementation success is achieved with support and coaching from AGI as the board and CEO transition into this practice.

Session 4 (Optional): Extended Implementation Support and Coaching