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Continued Governance Coaching

Once the board has completed all the policy development steps and has launched its venture, the fun—and sometimes challenging—work begins. Both the board and the CEO and senior staff will be doing work they have never done before, and they will be doing familiar work in very different, highly accountable ways. This is a new system.

In order to maintain the initial momentum, boards and staff benefit from at least one year’s continuing support and coaching from us.

If the board elects to maintain its relationship with AGI for the year, we provide a full year’s continuing coaching and support during this critical phase of a board’s beginning the practice of its new model. During this year, we typically return to the site four or more times, usually at least once each quarter, to provide continuing coaching and to offer corrective advice and counsel.

More or fewer on-site coaching sessions may be chosen depending upon the board’s specific needs. We will attend and critique board meetings, conduct leadership retreats, provide specific training to staff, conduct a Coherent Governance overview for staff or owner groups.

Our coaching and support clients also receive:

  • Feedback on board meeting conduct and behaviors;

  • Help for both board and staff in properly preparing and disposing of monitoring reports;

  • Facilitation of the Board’s self-assessment and an action plan for improvement;

  • Support for conducting the CEO evaluation specific to OE and Results expectations;

  • Resolution of issues and correction of mis-starts as they occur;

  • Conducting and using effective linkage sessions to engage key stakeholder groups in the organization’s mission, challenges and opportunities;

  • Preliminary review and critique of staff-developed monitoring reports prior to their submission to the board.

Onboarding and Building a Team

Read about three genuine samples from boards we have trained.

We literally provide whatever degree and type of off-site support the board and senior staff needs in order to get the system solidly established. We are committed partners to your success.

My conclusion is that this process takes away a lot of the distraction and confusion that other processes have and sometimes create. It lives up to it name in that it is coherent!

Linda and Randy provide far more than a process and a check off list. Their continuing presence and involvement are essential to our district “staying the course”. Meeting with them several times a year also gives us a counseling session as well as helping us keep our focus.

Richard Clapp
Former Board President, Palm Springs Unified School District

Beyond the Year

Just as staff requires training, boards need on-going professional development in good governance to sustain their efforts. With both board and key staff turnover, new people and new circumstances warrant new training and coaching. We are committed to your on-going success. Many of our clients extend their “coaching” contracts on an annual basis.