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Dr. Rebecca Toetz, superintendent, DeForest WI

DeForest Area School District continues to seek ways to measure Social Emotional Learning.  Teachers helped design developmentally appropriate rubrics built from the Wisconsin Social Emotional Learning competencies, which are created from the Collabortive for Academic and Social Emotional Learning (CASEL).  Students then regularly self reflect upon those competencies after instruction and time to practice.  The self reflection is one measure for SEL and the use of a student engagement survey is another.

Dr. John Steach, CEO, The Center for Educational Effectiveness

Answers to defining reliable and valid key performance indicators for Results monitoring reports.  The resulting dashboards are designed for Board and community understanding. WHY?  An opportunity for another take on Results monitoring.

Brian Coker, board governance chair, DeForest WI

“Will you fight, flee or freeze?” Effective communication within boards and between board and stakeholders.
High level goals:

  1. Recognize your own mental, emotional, and physiological responses to conversations becoming intense, unsafe, or ‘crucial’.
  2. Recognize when someone you are conversing with is feeling unsafe or challenged.
  3. Discuss strategies to re-establish safety and de-escalate unproductive conflict.
  4. Discuss models used to build high functioning teams that have healthy conflict and discuss the idea of the conflict continuum.

Andrea Parmenter, Secretary to the Board, Durango, CO

I have compiled several examples of the recap documents from this school year that I create after each meeting. 

This document is distributed digitally as a link in the Thursday email newsletter to staff and the Friday email newsletter to the greater community, district families and student caregivers.