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Wisconsin School Districts!!!

Two Essential Workshops:  Governing Well with Coherent Governance®
Exclusively for Wisconsin School Districts!!!

Monday, May 17 and Thursday, May 20. 5:00-8:00 pm
Receive materials and ZOOM link for both workshops
Cost: $625 flat fee per district, unlimited attendees, inclusive of both sessions


Hosted by:

Paru Shah, Shorewood School District
Steve Schroeder, Sun Prairie Area School District
Kathy Strecker, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District
Sue Esser, DeForest Area School District

May 17 Workshop

Fundamentals of Coherent Governance® and implementation strategies from the authors, Linda J. Dawson and Dr. Randy Quinn, AGI Aspen Group Intl

Paru, “So, find out why our districts did this! What are the benefits we’ve gained?” 
Steve, “This is designed to onboard new members and renew our board teams.  Right now, we need to be unified and focused to improve achievement!”
Sue, “WI, we’re pulling together after a tough year.  CG districts have the tools to be unified and powerful to hear and meet community needs.”
Kathy, ”If the adults are going to do a better job of governing, for the sake our our students, we must commit to continuous improvement.”

May 20 Workshop

We’ve all been through the fire.  Do we just incinerate? Escape? Regrow even stronger?

Case studies and situations to discuss include – How to:

  1. Build Board & Superintendent role clarity and accountability. Decide:  Who is responsible for what?
  2. Focus as a Board on student achievement, not administrative operations.
  3. Communicate with and proactively involve our community partners & stakeholders.
  4. Function well even when things “blow up” – as with COVID.
  5. On-board new members and build unified, governing teams.

Bring it on!  

What are the questions/concerns/barriers to adopting this system of governing? You’ve heard the message and method.  What do we need to talk about to move forward? 

Questions?  Need more info to decide?

Break out the computer and contact any of us. We want this to work for all of us…for Wisconsin’s children.

Registration Form

    Wisconsin School Districts

    Two Essential Workshops: Governing Well with Coherent Governance®

    Monday, May 17 and Thursday, May 20. 5:00-8:00 pm EST

    Cost: $625 flat fee per district, unlimited attendees, inclusive of both sessions







    Once registration is complete, please send checks payable to:
    AGI Aspen Group Intl, P.O. Box 3788, Gulf Shores, AL 36547