Wisdom Sharing

We believe in the power of learning from one another. Annually, we host a “Wisdom Sharing” conference for all of our clients. Wisdom Sharing is based on client-identified topics and needs. It takes place in a venue conducive to relaxed, open and honest dialogue and learning from us … and from fellow practitioners.

The conference kicks off with a one-day “Reinventing Your Board” to cover the basics of CG for new members to the team, board or staff. Days 2 & 3 are a deep dive into governance practices in a hold-harmless environment: case studies; expert panels; job-alike breakout groups; exploring common conundrums like practicing Parliamentary Procedure; and free-ranging problem solving amongst peers. Plenty of time for teambuilding.

Due to COVID-19, we have transformed Wisdom Sharing 2020 into a virtual conference September 23-25.  

AGI, as each of our clients, has been forced to change the way we serve boards. Because life is on hold for all of us, face-to-face meetings are not an option for any of us. And none of us knows how long the disruption will last.

These are challenges, but as you, we are doing the same work we have always done; we’re just doing it differently.  We have transformed Wisdom Sharing 2020 into a virtual conference.  The following is the agenda for September 23-25. 

All times are set for the central time zone.

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Registration deadline is September 8

Day One: Re-Inventing Your Board

Learn the principles, basic policy framework and how to implement Coherent Governance®. Designed for new board/staff, for teams to learn the basics together, and as a refresher course!

 Wednesday, September 23:

10:00 am
Welcome and Conference Overview

10:15 am
Introduction to CG®: Concept, principles, and policies to drive systemic alignment focused on student achievement
– Dr. Randy Quinn, Senior Partner

11:45 am

12:00 noon
Implementation protocols for purpose and accountability

  • Preparing effective monitoring reports
  • Designing meaningful community linkages
  • Conducting meaningful board self-assessment and superintendent evaluation
  • Building an effective annual board work plan
  • Using the board meeting agenda to drive the right work

– Linda J. Dawson, Senior Partner

1:00 pm
Lunch Break

1:30 pm
Live Chat Room with Practitioners:
Here’s What I Wish I Had Known!”

Board Members: Dr. Steve Schroder, Dr. Paru Shah, Mike Bradshaw
– Superintendents: Dr. Wendy Birhanzel, Dr. Brad Saron

2:30 pm

2:45 pm
Adjourn for the Day

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Day Two: 2020 Wisdom Sharing

Wisdom Sharing features you!
Come prepared to share your wisdom!

 Thursday, September 24:

10:00 am
Opening:  Review of Objectives for WS – a different kind of year and a different kind of Wisdom Sharing

10:15 am
“Glimpse of the Past Year” What can we learn from each other?  Polling to identify issues to share/discuss throughout and on Saturday morning

10:30 am
Three Practitioner Districts Take the Lead

  • Given the extraordinary challenges of the past seven months, what three things has your board and district done about which you are most proud?
  • In what ways has CG helped your board deal with the impact of COVID-19?
  • What is your “secret sauce?”  What are our biggest remaining challenges?

11:45 am
Lunch Break

12:15 pm
Three Case Studies:  Hold harmless learning – they did what????
Breakout rooms and reporting out

1:15 pm
Job-Alike Breakouts

  • Board Members:  Ginger
  • Administrative Assistants: Linda
  • Superintendents and other administrators:  Randy

2:00 pm

2:30 pm
Monitoring Results when there may be none:  Can We Get Clarity Here???  Academics and SEL 

– Ginger Hopkins

3:00 pm
Virtual Wine Tasting: Open your Aspen Care Package with us! Hey – we’re not on the Hilton Head beach, but at least we’re more than six feet apart and we can still have fun!

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Day Three: 2020 Wisdom Sharing

Wisdom Sharing features you!
Come prepared to share your wisdom!

Friday, September 25:

10:00 am
Critical Discussions and Instructive Moments:  Sustainability and Making this Work                                               

– Randy, Linda and Ginger

11:30 am
Capturing the Learning Moments by District

  • What have we learned?
  • What are our strategies for improvement? 
  • Who is going to do what? 
  • What is our timeframe?

12:00 noon
Evaluation and Plan for 2021: Point Clear, AL and 2022: Hilton Head, SC

12:15 pm
Adjourn – see you next year!

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Thank you, Linda and Randy! I can’t tell you how valuable our participation at Wisdom Sharing was. I feel like this is step 1 to getting us back on track.

Dr. Heidi Eliopoulos
Superintendent, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District

Thanks Linda – everyone agreed it was a very worthwhile exercise. We will continue to uphold the principles of Good Governance in your honor!

Kim Bedier
Director, Tacoma Venues & Events

What a wonderful experience. I had a delightful time and learned a TON.

To put in my two-cents, I LOVED the fact that the conference was in Vail. What an opportunity to (in the off-season) enjoy such a coveted location! At least on my end, I think your thoughts on location are dead-on. I’m an attorney and it is difficult for me to take time away. If I am to attend a conference it absolutely must be: 1) worth my while in terms of the knowledge, skills, or contacts I’m going to walk away with; AND 2) be in a location that is worth it, (i.e., I’m not using my limited time away from the office to go to …). I couldn’t be more aware of tight budgets, so I sincerely respect requests to keep costs in mind, but thought I’d share my thoughts. Flights can be found at reasonable rates (and if not, rent a van and drive), and I don’t see how anyone could balk at the price of our lodging.

Thanks again for helping me to be a better board member, and for providing an inspirational location!

Jennifer Heinz
Board Member, Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District

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Registration deadline is September 10

Conference selection:
$150 "Reinventing Your Board" (Wednesday Session 1)$450 "Wisdom Sharing" (Thursday and Friday, Session 2)$550 "Wisdom Sharing + Reinventing Your Board" (Session 1 & 2)







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