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Wisdom Sharing/24

“Finding Light in Leadership”

Annual Conference on Coherent Governance®
September 26-28
Royal Sonesta Hotel Seattle, WA


How can boards and superintendents, “Turn the lights back on?” (Billy Joel)

Using your living policies as the foundation for studied reflection and courageous action!
  • Inclusive and constructive community outreach. Accountable teambuilding. Involving students. Advocating for your district at every level of government.
A lot of people will just stop because they’re dead tired. You gotta do that extra one. That’s when you improve. – Usain Bolt
  • Learn from leaders of the most innovative boards/districts. Build momentum and sustainability for student learning through policy. Leave with actionable takeaways that can be adopted and adapted by your board.
  • Enjoy spontaneous hallway conversations and moments to build trusting relationships and empower new thinking and action.
  • Dig into 2024 issues impacting education: navigating national politics, immigration and diversity, artificial intelligence, ensuring leadership continuity.
Persistence in the face of adversity is the hallmark of effective leadership.

WS/24. The only learning event exclusively for CG practitioners in the U.S.

Early registration (Save $100) ends May 6. Invoice sent upon registration.

The Alexis Royal Sonesta Hotel Seattle

Feedback from past WS Conferences:

“I really like hearing from other board members and sharing those experiences. It’s been such a tough time for everyone, it’s nice to have that camaraderie.”

“I appreciate the Wisdom of AGI partners and your insight.  These are tough times and knowing that the CG model is solid will help Boards get through these times.”

“Sharing is caring. For me it’s about the relationships I have built over the past few years and the countless times I have gotten in touch with fellow WI Board members to ask how they do something or their interpretation of something has really, really been so helpful.”

“The thoughtfulness and passion of both the AGI staff and the board members who participate in Coherent Governance really help to inspire and arm board members to be more effective and focused on the heart of what school boards should focus on – students.”

Which conference is right for me?

Reinventing Your Board
The Basics of Coherent Governance. Learn how to:

  1. Focus on student achievement/close the gap
  2. Achieve Board role clarity:  lead, serve and represent
  3. Empower the Superintendent with authority and accountability
  4. End micromanaging and govern using policy
  5. Build a board culture of member discipline and…make a difference!

Making It All Happen!
A workshop diving into implementation questions for practitioners.  Questions and problems identified by attendees and addressed by participants and AGI.

Wisdom Sharing
Colleagues and AGI founders engaged in learning and real-life sharing to improve:

  1. Implementation of CG
  2. Deepened focus and achievement on Results
  3. Monitoring without pain:  reports that hit the mark
  4. Meaningful engagement with the public
  5. Dealing with conflict
  6. Honest leadership growth:  assessments and evals

Register for Wisdom Sharing 2024

    Conference selection:
    $200 Reinventing Your Board (9/26)$200 Making It All Happen! (9/26)$800 Wisdom Sharing (9/27 & 9/28)$950 Wisdom Sharing + Reinventing Your Board (9/26-9/28)$950 Wisdom Sharing + Making It All Happen! (9/26-9/28)










    Invoice sent upon registration.  Early bird discount applied if registration received by May 6.

    John Steach – 425.947.5242 or
    Linda J. Dawson – 303.478.0125 or