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Wisdom Sharing

Final Thoughts

It was our pleasure to work with many of you during the 2020 Wisdom Sharing Conference.  This on-going journey to good governance requires discipline, diligence and desire to provide values-based leadership and to make a positive, powerful difference for your stakeholders and students!

Please consider these wise words – written by Randy:

  • Every member of a board comes to the table with personal values—things they fundamentally believe and that drive their thoughts and actions. Our challenge in working through all those individual values with the board is to reach a shared value for the body itself.
  • For example, if the board (the group) values a safe learning environment for every student and employee, what words would it use to express that expectation? If the board values “equity” and expects the superintendent to assure that it permeates the fabric of the district, what policy language would adequately convey that expectation? 
  • That is the context in which the word “values” is used here. Policy is based on the shared values of the board, which must be “smoked out” through facilitated discussion in order to reach acceptable policy language. In simple language: the policy is a statement of the board’s value.

Our societies’ value conflicts are raging.  But must they?? Can boards find language that articulates their most fundamental value, commit it in policy, and charge the superintendent with faithful compliance or progress?

Yes.  Yes.  Yes. (That’s Randy, Ginger and me responding).

But it takes time.  It takes listening.  It requires believing in the power of governing by finding and writing fundamental values for direction, not engaging in “pretend leadership” through indulgent operational micro-management.  We view agendas disturbingly focused on “stuff” rather than the hard work of student achievement Results!

Strong words.  Strong values.

Thanks for listening and committing to Coherent Governance®. We need leaders like you!